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Lightning Protection for Your Home, Property & Family

Lightning Protection Resources From the Experts in Trenton

Most people don’t understand the damage a lightning strike can inflict until they are suffering the consequences. This is especially true for industrial settings. Failure to invest in industrial lightning protection leaves your building vulnerable to damage, your employees vulnerable to injury and your profits in a tenuous spot. B & B Lightning Protection offers industrial-grade lightning protection to factories, manufacturing plants and other industrial spaces in New Jersey where a lightning strike may occur.
Our approach utilizes several technologies, including lightning rods, grounding technologies and surge suppression. This combination can effectively route a strike’s force away from the building and prevent a disaster. There are several reasons industrial clients should consider this, including:
  • Lightning could destroy stock at warehouse
  • Injuries could lead to worker’s comp claims
  • Downtime can severely impact your profits
  • A fire could destroy your building completely
industrial lightning protection
These are just a few of the reasons our clients have opted for protection and prevented disaster by doing so. You can keep your industrial space safe by giving us a call to install the system.

Keeping Warehouses, Factories & Other Buildings Safe

If you manage an industrial space in New Jersey, you know just how costly downtime can be. An outage that lasts an hour can translate to thousands in lost revenue, so imagine the risk you take by failing to protect against lightning. Indeed, investing in lightning protection for industrial buildings is essential for factories, warehouses and other buildings. B & B Lightning Protection specializes in industrial and military lightning protection, so you can expect professionalism and expertise from us. We serve markets in DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Maine, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Connecticut.